Nothing Less Than Perfect in Jekyll Island

Nothing Less Than Perfect in Jekyll Island  Article Emily Shea  One of Georgia’s Golden Isles, Jekyll Island is highly acclaimed for its uncrowded beaches and ample space for relaxation and quality family time. The luxurious Holiday Inn Resort at Jekyll Island resides on over a quarter mile of oceanfront property, boasting unmatched views of the Atlantic Ocean and a private beachfront. From a high-energy swimming pool, whirlpool and kiddy pool to an outdoor fire…

The Van Life Our photographer, Evan Anderson, took to the road in his van last summer, spending months roaming the country with his partner, Abby, and their two dogs. He shares some of his favorite images from his epic adventure. 
Georgia on My Mind 13

Georgia on My Mind Cradled in the Chattahoochee Valley and accompanied by the waters of the famous Chattahoochee River, the city of Columbus embodies modern Southern culture and charm while preserving Georgia’s rich history. The second largest city in Georgia, Columbus is home to some of the state’s most exciting and amazing attractions. The region’s beautiful climate, scenery and thriving metropolitan scene make Columbus…
Mountain Retreat 3

Mountain Retreat Our mountains offer a relaxed retreat for vacationers, and they have for centuries. It’s to the medicinal draw of our sweet mountain air that we owe many of our monuments; the men behind Biltmore, the Grove Park Inn and even Lake Lure built their businesses and homes here after healthful getaways in the Asheville area.
A Weekend Guide to the Scenic City

A Weekend Guide to the Scenic City Nestled between the snaking Tennessee River and the Appalachian mountains, Chattanooga has earned its official nickname as the Scenic City. Once a bustling industrial hub for cargo traveling by river and rail, today Chattanooga promises no less of an adventure for visitors. Efforts to revitalize the city have opened opportunities to engage with the city’s past and present: a popular…
Destination: Furniture 3

Destination: Furniture Shopping for furniture can be an overwhelming prospect. Hundreds of thousands of square feet stuffed with millions of models doesn’t exactly sound like a vacation—but what if shopping for furniture actually could be a destination experience? What if it were easy, carefree and frankly, fun? Well, it can be.
A Sweet Escape 14

A Sweet Escape When we arrived at Treehouse Vineyards, the first thing that hit me was the smell. The muscadine grapes lace the wind with a sweetness that's unmistakable, as Southern as tupelo honey—and as sweet, too. The second thing was the juxtaposition of the beautiful vineyard, spread across rolling, rural hills, and the neighborhood that surrounded it, a suburban setting with cracked…
The Hostess City

The Hostess City Dubbed the Hostess City, Savannah’s epithet rings true at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Standing sentinel over the city’s charming Forsyth Park, a sprawling 10-acre complement to the two dozen squares that punctuate the city blocks, this modern-meets-historical getaway is arguably the best accommodation in a city renowned for its hosting.
Hickory Hustle 3

Hickory Hustle 
As if his youth weren’t impressive enough, Cranford actually began his first business venture while he was still a student. After working at a brewery in college, Cranford considered capitalizing on the industry—but realized it was already saturated. He turned instead to another trade that would still make the most of the inherent profitableness of alcohol: distilling.
Up, Up and Away! 4

Up, Up and Away! Hot air ballooning brings to mind a sense of playfulness, daring and adventure, and even after running the business for thirty years, the crew at Asheville Hot Air Balloons still marvel at the thrill. Co-owner Rick Bowers has loved flight his entire life: after taking his first ride at age five, he jumped at the chance to turn his passion…
Energized Eclecticism in an Old-Fashioned City

Energized Eclecticism in an Old-Fashioned City In recent years, Charleston, South Carolina has gained a serious reputation for its food and beverage scene. With new and exciting restaurants opening on a regular basis, the historic city is beginning to rival major world centers in the sheer breadth and scope of its epicurean offerings. The Grand Bohemian Charleston meets the challenge of their competition with a suite…