Energized Eclecticism in an Old-Fashioned City

The Grand Bohemian Charleston: 
A Honeymoon Dream

In recent years, Charleston, South Carolina has gained a serious reputation for its food and beverage scene. With new and exciting restaurants opening on a regular basis, the historic city is beginning to rival major world centers in the sheer breadth and scope of its epicurean offerings. The Grand Bohemian Charleston meets the challenge of their competition with a suite of dining options whose charm is matched only by that of their guest accommodations.

In all things they do, the Grand Bohemian strives to stand out — and the newly-opened hotel is already making waves. That’s exactly what general manager Nick Saltmarsh wants: “I’ve heard ‘eclectic,’ I’ve heard ‘forward thinking,’ I’ve heard ‘a breath of fresh air,” he says. “We’re energetic.” With a focus on creating unique experiences for all of their guests, Charleston’s Grand Bohemian makes for a perfect honeymoon destination.

One of their more interesting offerings will appeal to newlyweds seeking to create something exclusive to them: custom wine blending. The Grand Bohemian was very the first venue in the world to offer groups and individuals a chance to work directly with a sommelier to blend their very own one-of-a-kind wines. Since this special program was launched,  onlyone other location  (a Grand Bohemian sister property) has followed suit. The Grand Bohemian Charleston is proud to have paved the way. “We are blazing that trail,” Nick he says. “That, to me, is really exciting.”

As impressive as it is to have been the first to provide custom wine-blending, the Grand Bohemian certainly doesn’t skimp on the classics. Restaurant Élevé serves modern American cuisine with a coastal tinge and includes a private dining area for romantic meals. Meanwhile, the charming Maison Cafe is rumored to have the best brunch in town. With a Parisian feel, the cafe is right at home amidst the cobblestone streets and historic buildings in the European-influenced city. It’s just one of the many reasons why locals and tourists alike flock to the Grand Bohemian, and why newlyweds will find it hits the perfect spot.