Spending the Holidays with Corner Kitchen There’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening in Biltmore Village. With shopping, beautiful sights and good drinks, it’s one of the most romantic places in Asheville.
Miss Asheville Pie 11

Miss Asheville Pie As with many local businesses, Baked Pie Co. started with a dream—and a craving for pie. While out looking for a slice of pie and a cup of coffee, Kirsten Fuchs and her daughter realized Asheville was lacking in a good place to sit and enjoy a baked treat. Kirsten used her background in business management and found a baker,…

The Art of Baking Pris Maynez, Asheville’s up-and-coming baker, is quickly gaining recognition on the wedding and event scene. The Texas transplant moved to town with her husband in 2015, and after having a baby six months later, she started baking. She started with birthday cakes for kids' birthdays, and another friend asked her to make a cake and some small desserts for her…

Veg Out “Experiencing good food should be transformative, marked by change, and inspiring...at once sensuous and cerebral,” chef Jason Sellars says.

Feeding the Family  Ingredients  Crumble  Filling
Sweet Potato Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw 2

Sweet Potato Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw  Article Emily Shea | Photography Bounty & Soul  Ingredients  Tacos

Smashing Stereotypes  Article Emily Shea | Photography Evan Anderson  "Design is at the core of everything we do."   Smash Events, Inc. co-owner and self-delegated Director of Aesthetics, Ashley Terán, is what you might consider a dreamer. Her and her husband, Nestor Terán, started Smash after moving to Asheville from Miami a few years ago. In the Sunshine State they both held regular jobs; him a real estate agent and her a teacher. But once…
No Cuisine Left Behind 1

No Cuisine Left Behind  Article 'Emily Shea | Photography Evan Anderson  The rustic yet elegant downtown eatery, Polanco, has become a local favorite since opening in September 2017. Their authentic Mexican cuisine isn't just delicious, but welcomes diets of all kinds. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or lactose intolerant, owner and Head Chef Ricardo Carrasco said his mission is to make everyone feel welcome at Polanco.   In…
Strawberry Sweets Forever 23

Strawberry Sweets Forever Spring is heralded by a rainbow of edible colors: burgundy turnips, tender green lettuces, and sweetest of all, crimson, gem-like strawberries. 
Farm-to-Table, French Style 16

Farm-to-Table, French Style Asheville’s culinary scene is rich with cultures: Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Ethiopian. And, for 13 years, French.

With Great Care “Opening a restaurant was not on my radar,” 
Peter Pollay—owner of downtown’s upscale, 
modern American eatery, Posana—pauses and smiles. 
“It was, however, on Martha’s.”
Slow & Low 24

Slow & Low Like so many chefs, Giorgio Bakatsias developed a passion for food in his mother’s kitchen. But unlike most of the chefs we feature, Bakatsias’ maternal cooktop wasn’t tucked into a Southern canteen, or even an American one, but in the quiet village of Karista, Greece.
Tastes like Home 13

Tastes like Home If the holidays have a scent, it is surely the sugary waft of a fresh-baked pie. When the air is thick with the honeyed perfume of a holiday pie, it calls all our hearts home—especially at Baked Pie Company. 
A Time to Savor 7

A Time to Savor In Spain, food is savored. Paired with big glasses of rich wine or light cocktails, meals are served tapas-style, the spices of marinated vegetables and meats bleeding onto thick slices of crusty bread. They’re nibbled and sipped, bitten and chewed over the course of long, languorous meals. And always, they’re savored.
A Culinary Promise 16

A Culinary Promise Hendersonville may not seem like an epicenter of culinary promise, but thanks to Jason Reasoner, head chef and owner of Postero, it’s well on its way. Perched on the corner of Main Street, Postero is an enclave of both rustic and art-deco aesthetics, an unexpected amalgamation of styles that somehow works—much like the menu itself. The immersive kitchen, which seamlessly…
Late Night Burger Delight 22

Late Night Burger Delight You’re downtown. It’s late. And you need to eat. This isn’t the time for artfully plated hors d’oeuvres or delicate entrees. This is the time for good, old fashioned red meat and fried potatoes. This is the time, as many Ashevillians know, for The Vault Burger.
A Taste of Monterrey 13

A Taste of Monterrey Tomatillo salsa is the most classic salsa of any taqueria in Mexico. Our variation is very healthy because we don't use oil, only fresh-charred ingredients. Preparation is easy, but the most important part is finding the freshest, ripe ingredients. Locate fresh, ripe tomatillos (usually they're larger) and make sure there are no white or yellow tones on them. Stickiness is…
Guy's Night Out 30

Guy’s Night Out We’ve all heard of girl’s night out, outings peppered with wine glasses and high heels—but what about guy’s night out? Sometimes a gentleman just needs a stiff drink and a good meal with his compatriots by his side. These are nights of mirth and debate and, occasionally, debauchery, with the staccato clink of glasses and the rounded curl of laughter…
Around the World in 80 Bites 13

Around the World in 80 Bites Like so many chefs raised in the South, Zambra’s Brian Bennett cites his grandmother as inspiration for his career. “When I was young, we had family dinners on Sunday which Grandma was the star of. I liked to hang out in the kitchen with her, and that’s what got me started.”
A Seasonal Scramble 11

A Seasonal Scramble Drive through West Asheville on a warm weekend, and you’re bound to notice a congregation of folks on the corner of Haywood Road and State Street. Sunglassed teens share benches with couples sipping pint glass mimosas, kids run through rows of verdant veggies, and parents congregate around a black coffee canteen. It’s a scene as sunny as the name of…
Duck, Duck, Confit Quesadilla 10

Duck, Duck, Confit Quesadilla “Hustle” is the name of the game in Asheville, a city where most folks juggle at least two jobs to make ends and dreams meet. It’s a concept Bandidos owner and chef Justin Smudde knows a thing or two about. The wily entrepreneur has a handful of businesses, including Bandidos and Blue Ridge Renovations. Over the years he’s ventured into…
Red Stag Romance 1

Red Stag Romance Though it sounds like the idyllic stuff of dreams, Ostrander’s childhood memories are very real and still influence his work today. “I got a little spoiled on freshness of product; I could always just go out to the barn and pick what I wanted, but that has carried on to be a positive in my career choice—well, I’m not sure…
Ofri's Home Cooking 13

Ofri’s Home Cooking A lot of chefs have simple resumes; they detail hours spent in kitchens and classrooms, preparing dishes and leaving the real world somewhere in a steamy haze. 
Steamy Sipper 2

Steamy Sipper When those brisk winter breezes whip through our mountain passes, jingling bells and swaying twinkling Christmas lights, we crave a drink that warms the fingers and the belly alike: a hot toddy.
Chocolate Dreams 14

Chocolate Dreams The best part of making these chocolate tarts is the ability to customize them according to your mood and preferences! We like to set out bowls of toppings, like toasted nuts, spices, dried fruit and herbs, and let the kids design their own flavor combinations. The quality and flavor of the chocolate really shines. We use French Broad Chocolates’ dark…
Set the Table

Set the Table In a stainless steel bowl, shave cucumbers into thin ribbons. Pick herbs from stem. Toss cucumber, berries and herbs together. Dress to taste with citronette. Divide cheese into four bowls. Divide salad on top of the cheese in each bowl. Season liberally with coarse sea salt and black pepper.
Catching Fire 11

Catching Fire 

Chef Pete Repak’s career has spanned the country, but his favorite place thus far? “Asheville is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’m not leaving,” he proclaims with his signature brand of brash honesty.
Simply Irresistible 5

Simply Irresistible Culinary expert Mike Ferrari is a chef first and foremost, but he’s also an educator. He got his start just around the corner, at AB Tech, and was later called on to teach as adjunct faculty. Perhaps that’s why he’s been so excited about the new cooking classes offered at Candler event venue The Farm, whose in-house restaurant is lucky…
What's Cooking? 5

What’s Cooking? If you’re a barbecue lover, now is the most wonderful time of the year. Summer is the season to bust out the grill and fire up all of your favorites for the family — or at least enjoy the cooking of your loved ones! While there’s nothing quite like barbecuing at home, Asheville has a great new restaurant to satisfy…
Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar 1

Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar Whether you’re a fan of modern and eclectic culinary experiences or a lover of traditional Italian fare, Travinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar has something for you. The Biltmore Park restaurant blends Northern and Southern Italian tastes, featuring a spread of American Italian favorites among more unusual offerings. Nestled among classics as marsala dishes, calamari and flatbread pizzas are creations…