Mountain Retreat 3

Our mountains offer a relaxed retreat for vacationers, and they have for centuries. It’s to the medicinal draw of our sweet mountain air that we owe many of our monuments; the men behind Biltmore, the Grove Park Inn and even Lake Lure built their businesses and homes here after healthful getaways in the Asheville area.

These idyllic mountains continue to call to vacationers, but with development and city expansion there are few serene pieces of property left to escape to. That’s what makes this luxury cabin in Marshall so special.

“Every once in a while, if that, a plot of land becomes available that is distinct in the three critical elements of location, access, and view. This is one of those properties,” says builder Bill Hanke of Alderman Homes. Perched 800 feet above a bend in the French Broad, the soaring views are truly unrivaled. “As fortune would have it, the property was purchased by a family who was able to pay homage to the view and commission an architect to design a home to match its grandeur yet not overpower it, a home that sets into the side of the mountain as if it grew from it,” continues Hanke.

This getaway was designed for fractional ownership (see sidebar), so the home features uniquely private elements, including a master suite on the main with lower level separation of family or guests and owner lockouts on both levels for security and convenience. The four bedroom, five bath home includes luxury amenities and is located just two doors down from the French Broad Crossing Clubhouse.

The luxuries of the property are tremendous, but even those are secondary to the true star: the views. “When we look out the towering windows and see the mountains and hear the river below, we feel like we are part of something bigger, something beyond ourselves,” says owner Douglas Chen. “We’ve searched throughout the western Carolinas, and don’t believe you will find a more majestic view than found here.”

It brings to mind the era of the Vanderbilts and the Groves, the unsullied, pristine nature that inspired a generation and the beautiful town we call home.