Beaverdam Studio Tour 8

Beaverdam Studio Tour The Inaugural Beaverdam Studio Tour included 24 artists who demonstrated their crafts and chatted with visitors. Visit for a list of sponsors and info about the artists. Mark your calendar for next year: October 27 + 28, 2018.
January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

January 2018 Lifestyle Letter 2018 is upon us!  Let's make the most of it, starting on day one.
15th Annual HardLox Jewish Food and Heritage Festival 9

15th Annual HardLox Jewish Food and Heritage Festival Congregation Beth HaTephila held their annual festival with over 30 Jewish organizations and vendors. An amazing assortment of Jewish food was sold (over 500 pounds of pastrami and corned beef alone!) to the 5,000 attendees, who also enjoyed Jewish music and dancing.
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 21

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Named best Oktoberfest in America by Conde Nast Traveler, Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest is one of the brewery’s most beloved events. Thousands of revelers gathered beneath the big tent at the brewery for steins of beer, a Bavarian feast, live music, dancing, costumes, contests, and more.
January 2018 Around Town

January 2018 Around Town Blue Spiral 1 has recently facilitated the purchase of April Flanders’ piece Advance, through an anonymous donor, to be given to the Asheville Museum of Science. Advance is comprised of 300 individually designed, printed, and hand-cut pieces. There are 77 invasive species of North America and Hawaii represented. It took approximately 1.5 years for Flanders to complete the work. April was…
Get Dirty 26

Get Dirty Centuries, maybe even millennia, ago, our ancestors adhered to a strict workout regimen. They’d crawl through mud, scale sheer walls, push and pull and hurl the obstacles that obstructed their paths. With these practiced plans, they became lean, strong, and swift of both mind and body. 
Slow & Low 24

Slow & Low Like so many chefs, Giorgio Bakatsias developed a passion for food in his mother’s kitchen. But unlike most of the chefs we feature, Bakatsias’ maternal cooktop wasn’t tucked into a Southern canteen, or even an American one, but in the quiet village of Karista, Greece.
Icecapades 3

Icecapades Ice climbing in Western North Carolina is like going on a hunt for a rare, wild animal. The season is unpredictable, anywhere from mid-November to early March. Climbers must prepare by researching weather, local ice condition reports, and the amount of rain that has fallen in the last few weeks. With too much flow, it won’t freeze; with too little,…
Forever Young 6

Forever Young Looking younger is a near-universal desire, but often folks are dissuaded by the downtown or invasiveness that usually accompany procedures that reverse aging. Not anymore! Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics’ Dr. George Ibrahim is one of the only physicians between New York and Miami certified in the innovative new YLIFT procedure!  
The Facts of Pain Management 10

The Facts of Pain Management Whether from age or accident, be it chronic or acute, pain is something most of us will face over the course of our lives. And yet, it’s a subject about which many of us are unknowledgeable. Instead, we’re overwhelmed by the barrage of friendly advice and wives tales, hurled at as so often that many of us can’t see the…
Health from Head to Toe to Soul 10

Health from Head to Toe to Soul January may be the time for frantic fitness and quick cleanses, but sometimes health and wellness necessitates a different kind of pace. Of course Asheville offers plenty of opportunities to slow down and soak up the holistic benefits of local cures. From head to toe to soul, there’s no shortage of spas and retreats to start your new year off…
Functional Fitness with Tim Thew 1

Functional Fitness with Tim Thew Tim Thew has a long history of fitness and training, beginning back in 1996 when he was asked to fill in as a coach for a water aerobics class. It was teaching that course and the bond he developed with his students that forever changed Thew.