Asheville is arguably one of the best cities for food and drinks. In fact, the food and drink scene puts Asheville on the map. Well, that and the beautiful mountains, friendly people and awesome music scene. But it’s when we’re all sitting around a table, sharing food or clinking our glasses together, when the magic truly happens.

October is such an incredible time to celebrate the many flavors our city has to offer. Fall is here, so we gather indoors and look ahead to a season of thankfulness and rest. Or we build a fire and toast marshmallows and share stories of the year that’s coming to an end.

From this issue, I hope you’ll find your new favorite place for a hot cup of coffee, a dish with a twist or a cocktail that warms you inside out. Join us in celebrating the many delicious offerings Asheville spoils us with daily, and next month, we’ll come back together with gratitude for all of that and more. Until then, stay weird. 


Trista Pruitt