Ahhh, sweet summertime. Inspiration hangs heavy in the air, and everyone is breathing just a little easier. For this issue, we took a look at many of the summer activities we can enjoy in the Asheville mountains. From floating down the river with friends to hanging out in trees reading a book or practicing your balance, there’s something for everyone when we can all appreciate the outdoors together. As you’re planning your summer soirées, skip out on baking a dessert and let Baked Pie Co. take care of it for you. Are you going for a new look? Call Kelli at Asheville Ayes and let her give you the brows you’ve always dreamt of but never quite achieved. Need some adventure inspiration? Check out Steve Yocom’s photography and try to get some beautiful shots of nature yourself. Soak it all in, because the sun is shining and eager to kiss your skin. (But don’t forgo the sunscreen!) I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed working on it. Until next time, Asheville!