The Blind Pig Supper Club Gives Back

A few years ago, a group of restaurateurs and artists decided to get together and create something positive and daring. Based around the 19th century idea of the Blind Pig– a prohibition era form of culinary escapism–The Blind Pig Supper Club is a collection of Asheville locals who care about what they do and where they live. This group consists not only of chefs and artists, but of musicians and entrepreneurs as well. Their goal is simple: They aim to support a multitude of charities and fundraisers specific to the area, and they have been quite successful so far. In the last few years alone, The Blind Pig has claimed numerous successful outings that aid and support local community organizations, nonprofits and national charity efforts.

Food and experience is the primary focus for The Blind Pig. The local chefs that comprise the group are dedicated to using only fresh vegetables and locally-farmed meat selections, and their efforts toward creating one-of-a-kind culinary experiences while giving something back to the community should be applauded. As of 2015, The Blind Pig has hosted over 100 unique and charity-focused dinners.

If one monthly pop-up dinner isn’t enough and you want to bring the delicious food and the professional crew to you, The Blind Pig also caters private events. They offer a selection of catering packages, ranging from mouth-watering barbecue to a casual taco bar. Regardless of the cuisine you choose, all of the catering packages are prepared and served by a professionally trained staff and can also be customized to appeal to those with dietary restrictions. For those interested, services can be acquired by visiting their website at