September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Fashion. Such a loaded word. High fashion, low fashion. In or out of fashion. What does being fashionable even mean?

To us, it’s when someone is comfortable in their own skin (but understands they can’t walk around looking like a soup sandwich). Fashion is the most personal way of expressing not only yourself and how you feel, but also how you’d like to feel. From power ties to fierce shoes and delicate lace, what we wear and how we wear it is our true first impression on the rest of the world.

Walking around Asheville is a great way to get inspired, from the cool kids wearing skinny everything, to the suited and tattooed 9-to-5 rebel, to the breezy-luxe looks of well-heeled ladies and gentlemen carrying themselves about town. In this issue, we spoke with some very fashionable locals who are influencing fashion through their work and everyday lives, plus we got some pointers on what they see coming up in the future.

We’re also so excited to announce our Asheville Fashion Show on October 12th to benefit Children First Communities in Schools Buncombe County. Be sure to check out the website for more details and to purchase tickets, because it’s always fashionable to help those in need.

Our Best to You and Yours,

Alana Bennett

Austin Bennett