February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I am at a loss to describe the women I have encountered in my life. Women have driven me to be the woman I am, in fact made me who I am. The women who you will encounter on these pages are the women we all strive to be. The CEO. The leader who has given her life to education and strived beyond every obstacle to be who she is. The mother that chose to have the baby regardless of circumstances.
The woman that is an entrepreneur that built her business from the ground up, fighting against all the odds of her circumstances.
The woman that is an artist and believed in her vision to change how we see the world; she presents a vision through her eyes in the hope that our eyes can see her perspective.

We as women strive to be all of these women: to be independent, strong, reliant upon ourselves, to know who we are and believe in that. We forever want to be the mother, the leader and the strength of our home, community and business. We are forever driven by or hearts and minds. We are the center of the home and the CEO of the company. We are women that excel to the greatest of heights, but never forget our hearts. The corporate world can be overtaken, but the home is never as easily overtaken. That is where the heart meets the road. There is always a balance between heart and home. We as women make our choices. We struggle between right and wrong to raise our families and be business women, to be who society has called us to be. The bottom line is we are needed to be leaders in the home and leaders in the office.
Choose who you are and move forward. We are not meant to be the same, we are as all human beings meant to carry out our own destiny.