Publisher's Letter 10

Welcome to Asheville Lifestyle’s inaugural Men’s Issue! We can’t tell you how much we’ve been looking forward to publishing this issue. We wanted to highlight some of our usual interests (food, the outdoors, the arts, and local business people here in Asheville), but view it through the eyes of local men. All the men we profiled in this issue are living life on their terms and in their own ways and are here in Asheville because they want to be. The very idea of masculinity has always had an independent streak to it, and this town affords a man so many ways to express that individualism.

Something that we feel most men don’t appreciate until later in their life is the ability to leave a lasting legacy. Whether that legacy is one of a thriving business, an appreciation of the outdoors or a tradition of giving back, all of these require a responsibility and a drive for proper stewardship across generations. All of these things are close to our hearts; it’s extremely important to us to leave our kids in an even better situation than we began.

But we didn’t want to be strictly business this issue—we also wanted to have fun and highlight some of the incredible activities Asheville affords! Whether your version of weekend fun is firing up the grill, fishing in one of our pristine rivers or finding peace 1,100 feet off the ground, we’ve explored it all.

As always, get out there and enjoy it guys!

Austin Bennett, Co-Publisher

Alana Bennett, Co-Publisher