Publisher's Letter 9

Ah, July.  Summer is upon us in a big way.  The 
 Fourth of July, cookouts, cold and tasty locally-brewed beverages, hot dogs and more hot dogs (or is that just us?).  The heat, the afternoon rains, and then some more heat. It’s time for things to really grow.

So to celebrate this growing season, we’re highlighting all that is homegrown here in Asheville.  From businesses that have called Asheville home since the start to local food and artists who are expanding their roots here — we certainly don’t lack for growth here in Asheville, and I’m so excited to see our area develop while retaining the people that help make Asheville the amazing place it is.  On a recent trip back from Atlanta, I found myself getting a big grin on my face as soon as I saw the mountains from the south. I realized how great a place this is and why so many people are choosing to bring their families here and call Asheville home.

I welcome this growth because of the amazing foundation this city has been set on, and the creativity and exuberance of both newcomers and natives in growing their family story and weaving their story into this blossoming city.  They bring new experiences and fresh ideas along with them. Four of our five kids were born here, and we’re proud to keep on growing our roots deeper and stronger into these mountains for generations to come.  Here’s to you and yours, and to your continued growth!