The Haywood Street Congregation At Haywood Street Congregation (HSC), the Rev. Brian Combs has built a ministry of presence. Unlike many other urban ministry missions, through the past 10 years, Brian has built Haywood Street Congregation on relationships and being with people rather than doing for them.

Thank You, Asheville Asheville, you’ve been so good to me. It’s bittersweet for me to tell you I’ll be moving on, but please know you’ll always have a huge piece of my heart. And what better time for me to say goodbye than during this month of thankfulness? I’ve had an awe-inspiring time talking to many of you, hearing your … Continued

November 2019 Around Town Wizards of Mixology Battle for the House Cup This Harry Potter-themed event will pit four local bars and distilleries against each other to see who has the best house-made punch. It is hosted by The Antidote on Thursday, Nov. 14, and presented by The Urban Gastronome. It features cosplay, a DJ mash-up of the soundtrack from all … Continued

Chow Chow, an Asheville Culinary Event In its inaugural year, Chow Chow, an Asheville Culinary Event, highlighted the culture of Southern Appalachia through its growers, farmers, chefs, brewers, artists and creators all on display. Photography by Jeremy Hood – The Urban Gastronome

The Bob Moog Foundation Chances are, one of your favorite tracks features a Moog synthesizer. In fact, if you’ve watched the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, you heard Moog synthesizers all over the soundtrack. Without this innovation in sound, music wouldn’t be what we know and love today. And the person we have to thank is Bob Moog.

Queen Bee and the Honeylovers Whitney Moore is the “Queen Bee” in Asheville’s most joyful swing band, and she’s thrilled to share her love of the city and its rich history through song. Each composition performed by her and her band is original, and it’s a tribute to all things Asheville. With songs titled “Beaucatcher” and “Helen’s Bridge,” it’s no doubt there’s a passion here that…

Spending the Holidays with Corner Kitchen There’s nothing quite like enjoying an evening in Biltmore Village. With shopping, beautiful sights and good drinks, it’s one of the most romantic places in Asheville.