Asheville Mardi Gras Parade The Asheville Mardi Gras parade returned in 2018, this time taking over South Slop with a vibrant celebration of music, costumes, and all things quirky. 

Fashion Forward Most folks associate fashion shows with designer duds and unfathomable price tags, but in Asheville—as with most things—we do things a little differently. 

April 2018 Lifestyle Letter We've themed this issue around sustainability. Call it "eco" or "green" if you like, but Asheville has a history of sustainability, both environmentally and socially, stretching back in history to a time far before those buzzwords were in the lexicon. Visionaries like Carl Schenck have long cultivated (see what we did there) an ethos of preservation and proper management of the beauty…

2018 Fed Cup The Fed Cup first-round tie between the U.S. and The Netherlands culminated with a U.S. win at the U.S. Cellular Center this spring. A Net Generation Kids' Clinic held ahead of the event brought local kids in touch with tennis stars.  

April 2018 Around Town On April 7 through 23, Grovewood Gallery in Asheville will host Spring Awakening, a pediatric patients’ exhibition to benefit Arts For Life, an Asheville-based nonprofit that provides pediatric patients and their families with arts education and engagement opportunities. An opening reception, sponsored by The Hop Ice Cream Café, will take place on Saturday, April 7 from 2-5pm and feature live…
Coming Home to Roost 40

Coming Home to Roost Drive the backroads around Asheville, and you’ll find dozens of idyllic homesteads and hobby farms—but none quite like Echoview Farm and Fiber Mill. 
The Iconic Ioniq 3

The Iconic Ioniq Many may try, but only one car can take the title of the most fuel-efficient car in America. That designation belongs to the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid. 

It’s Easy Being Green In Asheville, we like our cars with low emissions, our restaurants with local produce, and our power solar. In other words, we like things green. Why should our houses be any different? 
Get Dirty 35

Get Dirty Spring has officially sprung, and that means the garden gurus at Gardens for Living are busy helping folks plant, preen and prune all season long. We tapped Shane and John Phillips to share their VIP tools for home gardeners to use in the growing season ahead. 
Strawberry Sweets Forever 23

Strawberry Sweets Forever Spring is heralded by a rainbow of edible colors: burgundy turnips, tender green lettuces, and sweetest of all, crimson, gem-like strawberries. 

A Bountiful Harvest There is proverb that’s been uttered from the mouths of canny pedagogues for centuries: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.