June 2017 Lifestyle Letter

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter At home in Asheville—is there any place you would rather be? In this issue we wanted to highlight some amazing personal spaces that reflect the creativity and beauty of our mountains. What is your favorite room in a house? So many things go into making a home, and each room offers unique respite. In our home the back porch is…
The Big Crafty 20

The Big Crafty The 19th Big Crafty featured 165 select artists, an indigo-dying activity hosted by the Asheville Area Arts Council, kid's activities hosted by the Asheville Art Museum, music from Chikomo Marimba and a visit from Street Creature Puppets.
Gathering Asheville: Wild Foods Dinner Series 11

Gathering Asheville: Wild Foods Dinner Series In partnership with long-time collaborator Alan Muskat of Asheville's No Taste Like Home foraging tours, Katie Button and her Nightbell team prepared a five-course meal + welcome cocktail for up 16 guests using wild foods gathered locally.
October 2017 Around Town

October 2017 Around Town In celebration of American Craft Week, which takes place October 6 through 15, Grovewood Village will offer artist demonstrations by Windsor chairmaker Elia Bizzarri and fiber artist Susan Lenz and will also host open studio art tours on two Saturdays in October. On Saturday, October 7 from 11 AM to 4 PM, Hillsborough Elia Bizzarri, known for his impeccable craftsmanship,…
A Worldly History 3

A Worldly History In May of 1984, Ronald Reagan stood behind a podium, a mass of balloons his colorful backdrop, and welcomed crowds to the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. The international event hosted participants from 22 countries and attracted over 11 million visitors during its six-month run. The city, steeped in Southern hospitality and outdoor beauty, has since awaited a more abiding…
The Long Way Home 2

The Long Way Home That first roar of the engine starting up the SUV, was a great indicator that I was embarking on an excellent test drive. The 2017 Maserati Levante accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds and reaches 164 mph, the highest top speed in its class. Just about everyone is producing a line of SUV’s now; Jaguar with the…
A Hip Hap House 10

A Hip Hap House “This is our dream home,” Megan Walsh, her hand grazing the worn wood of the stair rail, pauses, turns to look behind her, and laughs. “I know everyone says that, but we’d definitely like to pass this on to our kids.” It’s an open display of the genuineness that marks all that the Walshes do, an almost old-fashioned authenticity that…
A Time to Savor 7

A Time to Savor In Spain, food is savored. Paired with big glasses of rich wine or light cocktails, meals are served tapas-style, the spices of marinated vegetables and meats bleeding onto thick slices of crusty bread. They’re nibbled and sipped, bitten and chewed over the course of long, languorous meals. And always, they’re savored.
10 Questions to Ask your Luxury Real Estate Agent 1

10 Questions to Ask your Luxury Real Estate Agent How long have worked professionally in real estate? I began working as a realtor full-time in 2004. However, I have also gained experience in the industry as a licensed General Contractor and by maintaining a portfolio of investment properties over the years. In addition, my family owns a custom home design and construction company that has built over 70 luxury…
Reclaim Your Garage 1

Reclaim Your Garage Home may be where the heart is, but more often than not your garage is where the stuff is. Shoved in nooks, piled in boxes, dusted with cobwebs, our garages are the often the messy mecca of our homes, but with modern storage solutions and design elements, they don’t have to be.
What's Brewing?

What’s Brewing? Discovering the art of tea
Mountain Retreat 3

Mountain Retreat Our mountains offer a relaxed retreat for vacationers, and they have for centuries. It’s to the medicinal draw of our sweet mountain air that we owe many of our monuments; the men behind Biltmore, the Grove Park Inn and even Lake Lure built their businesses and homes here after healthful getaways in the Asheville area.
Great (Room) Expectations 6

Great (Room) Expectations Our mountains are ancient, rolling testaments to the timeless beauty of nature. Their majesty lies in the curves that tell a story centuries old. A thoroughly modern home might seem at odds in such a place, the sharp, crisp edges of mankind a jarring antithesis to the mountains around it. But in the case of the Gold’s home in Southcliff,…
Abstract Interpretations 6

Abstract Interpretations Artist Linda Gritta is an interpreter. Metaphorically, of the emotions and memories she translates into thickly-colored paintings, but literally too, as an interpreter in sign language. For a long time, it was to that literal field of interpretation that Gritta devoted herself. Despite growing up with a passion for the arts, Gritta initially chose a different path. “It didn’t seem…