June 2017 Lifestyle Letter

June 2017 Lifestyle Letter During our planning for the Men's Issue this year (which I'll be honest, began last year), we had a million ideas for how to make this issue impactful. As we began to narrow down the list, we realized we wanted to highlight some men who were not only deeply invested in Asheville, but were also on the cutting edge of…
Music Video Asheville Awards 9

Music Video Asheville Awards Western North Carolina's stars—musicians, filmmakers and supporting talents & crews—and their friends and families came out for the 10th Music Video Asheville Awards.
Run for the Paws 10

Run for the Paws The 7th Annual Run for the Paws welcomed 500 participants and over 200 dogs to New Belgium Brewing! The event included a 5K, one mile walk and a lawn festival with activities for the whole family. All proceeds benefitted the animals of Brother Wolf.
June 2017 Around Town 1

June 2017 Around Town In Asheville, we’re particularly cognizant of what we put in our mouths, which is why the annual ASAP Farm Tour is so popular. This annual event provides an opportunity for the community to explore a host of regional farms, including vineyards like Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, creameries like Spinning Spider Creamery, berry farms like Zimmerman Berry Farm and more traditional…
Some Like it Hot 4

Some Like it Hot “This one’s called ‘Divine Covenant,’” announces John Almaguer. The glassblower picks up a sphere of frosted grooves, at once both massive and elegant, from the shelves of work that adorn the sun-filled living room of his Asheville home. Peering into the piece, he points out a clear, delicate inclusion beneath the opaque surface. “The carving on the outside is exactly…
A Craft of Passion 17

A Craft of Passion At Givens Estates, an idyllic retirement community tucked into one of Asheville’s hollers, they don’t have clubs—they have interest groups. And a particularly hearty interest group is meeting to discuss their passion: woodworking.
Expanding Our Horizons 25

Expanding Our Horizons In Asheville, we’re expanding our horizons—both literally and figuratively. Our city is stretching and growing, as are the souls who inhabit it, as we welcome new industries and new ideas and turn this sleepy mountain town into a Southern hub.
Viva Cuba! 2

Viva Cuba! Like so many of us familiar with the photos of a forgotten era, I was very curious to experience Cuba firsthand. I had the opportunity to experience the island recently when American Airlines launched its inaugural non-stop flight from Charlotte to Havana. It was a quick, jam-packed visit filled with the food, music and culture of the tiny island nation,…
The Makings of a Well-Dressed Man 1

The Makings of a Well-Dressed Man What makes a well-dressed man? If anyone in Asheville knows, it’s the gentlemen behind Joseph A. Banks. William Tepper and Jodie Anderson—who’s been with the clothier since 1963 when they were Bell’s Traditional—outline the essentials. “It’s come back around,” says Anderson of the clothier’s modern picks. “We’re selling some of the same things as we were in ’63 with a…
Loaded Up and Truckin' Food Truck-off + Aural Pleasure Fest 10

Loaded Up and Truckin’ Food Truck-off + Aural Pleasure Fest Oskar Blues' Loaded Up and Truckin' Food Truck-off + Aural Pleasure Fest rang in spring with hot eats and sweet sounds. The food truck festival and competition came with plenty of live music, including indie favorite Dr. Dog.
Guy's Night Out 30

Guy’s Night Out We’ve all heard of girl’s night out, outings peppered with wine glasses and high heels—but what about guy’s night out? Sometimes a gentleman just needs a stiff drink and a good meal with his compatriots by his side. These are nights of mirth and debate and, occasionally, debauchery, with the staccato clink of glasses and the rounded curl of laughter…
Volvo S90 9

Volvo S90 In theory, a luxury sedan should combine the best aspects of all vehicles: sporty but spacious, fast yet fastidious. But so often these models fall flat, turning into clunky, matronly cousins of the sports car and SUV alike. That’s certainly not the case with the Volvo S90.