April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter Welcome to our 12th issue of Asheville Lifestyle! This is quite the milestone for us and we want to thank you, our readers, as well as all of our advertising partners for letting us be a part of your world! One full year and we're so excited for the future.
Brother Wolf's Drag Queen Bingo 3

Brother Wolf’s Drag Queen Bingo Drag Queen Bingo, which benefits the animals of Brother Wolf, expanded this year to include two nights—bingo and trivia—and was hosted by New York's Lady Bunny. This uniquely Asheville event was attended by over 1500 people, many of whom came dressed in their own colorful costumes to match the entertainers!
Frostbite Run

Frostbite Run The 25th Annual Lelia Patterson Center Frostbite Races had a wonderful turnout. Bringing in over 400 participants, this event never fails to give the community an opportunity to be active and connect with others through a family-friendly run! Photography by John Neff Photography
April 2017 Around Town

April 2017 Around Town It’s worth the drive out to Mills River to sample Sierra Nevada’s brews. Now imagine hearty beers from over 50 breweries there too; that’s what we call a festival. The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild has partnered with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for the second Burly Beer Festival. With Strong brews with bite and bang, from stouts to barleywines to…
Modern Mountains 4

Modern Mountains The Watkins family placed their modern home in a breathtaking valley, merging the new and the old in seamless symmetry. But it took a lot of planning and foresight to make the two looks harmonize.
From Quaint to Cool 8

From Quaint to Cool A kitchen is the undisputed center of a home. For centuries folks have gathered on hearths and around tables to break bread, share stories and nourish bodies and souls. Family feuds fade and sibling rivalries fall to the crunch and slurp of good food. It’s the most important room in the house, which means it also needs to be the…
Destination: Furniture 3

Destination: Furniture Shopping for furniture can be an overwhelming prospect. Hundreds of thousands of square feet stuffed with millions of models doesn’t exactly sound like a vacation—but what if shopping for furniture actually could be a destination experience? What if it were easy, carefree and frankly, fun? Well, it can be.
Grow Happy 11

Grow Happy A stroll through the warm light of Flora, tinged by the dim glow of green things, is as experientially rewarding as it is relaxing. You can bring those feel-good vibes home. Recently, Thomas and her team have been refining a new endeavor in the form of installations. Using Woolly Pockets, and ingenious product made 100% from recycled plastic bottles, Flora…
Asheville's Planting Guide 6

Asheville’s Planting Guide In Western North Carolina the mountains can give us variable spring weather, but don’t get tricked into thinking the cold times are over!
A Seasonal Scramble 11

A Seasonal Scramble Drive through West Asheville on a warm weekend, and you’re bound to notice a congregation of folks on the corner of Haywood Road and State Street. Sunglassed teens share benches with couples sipping pint glass mimosas, kids run through rows of verdant veggies, and parents congregate around a black coffee canteen. It’s a scene as sunny as the name of…
The Grass Guru

The Grass Guru Asheville's resident lawn expert, Brad Johnson, shares his tips and tricks for making your grass verdant and springy all year 'round. "We typically enjoy great weather here in Asheville for growing fescue mainly," he explains. Get past the droughts and dry spells with Johnson's advice: