January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

January 2017 Lifestyle Letter Welcome to 2017, Asheville! This is always such an exciting time, simultaneously reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to the year that will be. Time to rid your pantry and your fridge of all things sweet, fatty and tempting and replace with all things green, healthy and...slightly less tempting. It's time to understand that making an investment…
RiverLink's Of Time and the River Benefit 4

RiverLink’s Of Time and the River Benefit RiverLink held the third annual Of Time and the River art show and benefit at the historic Zealandia mansion, high atop Beaucatcher Mountain. Asheville's premier landscape painters showcased work focusing on the French Broad to celebrate the river’s rise from polluted obscurity to the defining element of our town.
Jonas Gerard Paints "Passionately Alive" 13

Jonas Gerard Paints “Passionately Alive” During the River Arts District Studio Stroll, Jonas Gerard painted an abstract, 8’ x 24’ mural. The public was invited to watch the expressive artist at work and there was a full house at Jonas’ gallery and studio at Riverview Station. Jonas has donated the artwork to CarePartners of Asheville.
January 2017 Around Town

January 2017 Around Town Since 2002, the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival has brought a different kind of art to Asheville. The event celebrates the peripheries—of art, performance and culture. The annual performing arts festival is held across multiple venues and offers over 30 local and regional artists the opportunity to collaborate across genres and mediums. This year’s festival—the 15th annual celebration of all sorts…
RAD Farmer's Market Harvest Dinner 7

RAD Farmer’s Market Harvest Dinner The River Arts District Farmers Market held their annual Harvest Dinner fundraiser at All Souls Pizza with the end of the season this fall. The meal was prepared by All Souls Chef Brendan Reusing and Farm and Sparrow Master Baker David Bauer. Live music was provided by Leo Johnson.
A New Kind of Medicine 12

A New Kind of Medicine January is the month of resolutions, and most of them orbit a single idea: health. Gyms fill with new fitness devotees, piles of organic produce dwindle at alarming rates, folks hit the pillow earlier and their yoga mats later. And yet, good health is a seemingly unattainable goal for a growing percentage of Americans.
A Resolution With Rewards 1

A Resolution With Rewards The calendar's turn to 2017 brings with it a turn to self-improvement: the New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s eating right, saving money or spending more time with family, everyone hopes to start fresh on January 1st. But one resolution might be the key to accomplishing all of these goals: getting organized.
Have a Ball 11

Have a Ball Aside from its omnipresent beer and music scenes, Asheville is also well-known for the active lifestyle options the city provides locals and tourists alike. From the many water-based activities the French Broad River has to offer to the dozens of gyms found throughout the city, there is a healthy, active outlet for everyone. However, if hiking the national forests or…
Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom We all want freedom: freedom from fear, from pain, from worrying about what others think of us. What would your life look like if you were completely free? How would you carry yourself? How would you spend your time? How would this freedom affect your relationships with others?
Your Financial Check-Up

Your Financial Check-Up Just like getting your annual physical, planning for an annual financial check-up is equally important. Matt Sorrells, branch manager at United Federal Credit Union’s new Asheville branch, recommends setting your goals at the beginning of the year so you can get the most out of your check-up.“ The start of a new year is the best time to make your…
Cheers to Good Health

Cheers to Good Health Housewives across the country like to espouse the health benefits of red wine, usually with a glass in their hand and a smile on their face. But as with most teachings that fall from the mouths of mothers, this one’s right too.
Lyrics with Lincoln 3

Lyrics with Lincoln One of Asheville’s rising stars reveals his thoughts on music, Asheville and community.
Go to the Dogs 12

Go to the Dogs It’s simple, really. To be healthy you eat your greens, log time at the gym and get plenty of rest. It’s kind of common sense, but something is missing from the aforementioned formula: pets.
Ofri's Home Cooking 13

Ofri’s Home Cooking A lot of chefs have simple resumes; they detail hours spent in kitchens and classrooms, preparing dishes and leaving the real world somewhere in a steamy haze.