Publisher's Letter 10

Publisher’s Letter Welcome to Asheville Lifestyle's inaugural Men's Issue! We can't tell you how much we've been looking forward to publishing this issue. We wanted to highlight some of our usual interests (food, the outdoors, the arts, and local business people here in Asheville), but view it through the eyes of local men. All the men we profiled in this issue are…
Wild South's Green Gala 10

Wild South’s Green Gala The 8th Annual Wild South Green Gala honored an all–star cast of local conservation heroes. At the event, Wild South recognized the winners of the Roosevelt–Ashe Conservation Awards and special awards. The night also celebrated Wild South’s legacy of 25 years of public lands protection in the Southeast.
Still or Thrill 20

Still or Thrill Men have been exploring our great outdoors for millennia. From adrenaline–pumping hunts on Appalachian mountainsides to reflective fishing in the quietude of our creeks, our ancestors have traipsed across these mountains for centuries. Today, men are offered different types of pursuits in the extensive outdoors that surround Asheville. Looking to get your blood pumping? Prefer to ponder the intricacies of…
Around Town 6

Around Town 
Now in its 50th year, Shindig on the Green is a lasting celebration of mountain music and summertime! For decades, musicians, dancers and enthusiasts from across the Carolina mountains have gathered to enjoy the sounds of bluegrass on Saturdays throughout the summer, basking in warm mountain air and the sound of fiddles and banjos. The shindig itself takes place on…
Catching Fire 11

Catching Fire 

Chef Pete Repak’s career has spanned the country, but his favorite place thus far? “Asheville is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I’m not leaving,” he proclaims with his signature brand of brash honesty.
Finding Yourself Through Fitness

Finding Yourself Through Fitness What is your definition of fitness? Most people seem to equate fitness to appearance. As a result, we as a society have reduced fitness to “drive-thru" status. Find the nearest fitness center, sign up for two years, go get on some fancy machines, do thirty minutes on a treadmill while catching up on Maury, and your fitness goals are achieved.…
Creating Symphonies 8

Creating Symphonies We all know Asheville is an artist’s enclave. Makers of all mediums don’t just succeed here, they flourish; from buskers on our street corners to artisans crafting handmade wares in studios in the River Arts District, creators of all types call our town home. But by all accounts, Asheville is no Los Angeles, meaning big–time levels of success are usually…
Your Business is Our Business

Your Business is Our Business If you are interested in, or have a client who may have a need for, these services, please contact Attorney Peter McGuire at Strauss Attorneys at (828) 258-0994 in Asheville, or (828) 696-1811 in Hendersonville, or by email at [email protected].
A Family Thing

A Family Thing Not too long ago, things were simpler. Cars moved a little slower. TVs were hushed, their screens blurred. People stopped to chat with neighbors and exchanged smiles with passerby. And there was a distinct pride in a profession, in the ability to create a lasting legacy for generations of your own descendants to build their lives upon.
A Handshake From the Past 1

A Handshake From the Past With seemingly endless construction in downtown Asheville and the area’s booming business, many are considering the prosperous future of the metropolitan area. Although economic promise and thriving commerce is vital to any city, it's equally as important to consider Asheville’s past. Groce Funeral Homes, a dedicated local business since 1929, reminds us what it means to be part of the…
The Perfect Piece 2

The Perfect Piece They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If that holds true, any eyes that are lucky enough to gaze upon the exquisite jewelry of Asheville-based goldsmith and designer Paula Dawkins know they have seen something truly special. Since the '70s, Dawkins has honed her craft with her signature laser focus and in 1983 her seminal design studio,…
Asheville Art Museum's NEXT Gala 2

Asheville Art Museum’s NEXT Gala The Asheville Art Museum celebrated what’s NEXT at its 2016 benefit gala. The evening included a signature cocktail hour, gourmet food stations and a live auction, which raised more than $155,000 that will help the museum continue to offer innovative public programs and exciting exhibitions.