Asheville, you’ve been so good to me. It’s bittersweet for me to tell you I’ll be moving on, but please know you’ll always have a huge piece of my heart. And what better time for me to say goodbye than during this month of thankfulness?

I’ve had an awe-inspiring time talking to many of you, hearing your stories and taking them to heart as I try my best to tell them in a way that is genuine and captivating. I truly am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to get to know my city in this capacity. I love Asheville, and it will always be home.

With that being said, I’ve taken a full-time position as an editor for NOOGAtoday, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So if you ever need to know what’s going on in your sister city to the west, find me, and I’ll spill all the tea. I’ve never been good at goodbyes, so I’ll just say thank you and see you later. 

Cheers, Asheville!

Trista Pruitt