Ah, May. The scent of flower blooms wafts delicately in the air. Chilled bones have begun to thaw. The promise of warmer days greets us each morning like a hug from a friend we haven’t seen in a while. Whoever decided Mother’s Day should be celebrated in May was onto something. What better time to celebrate the maternal role models in our lives? I had the pleasure of speaking to many outstanding women for this issue, and I know you’ll find them as inspiring as the new season. From women in medicine and healthcare to women on the screen, our city is full of ladies who are moving mountains. As you read about them, I urge you to support them in the ways you see fit. Our families and communities are often carried on the backs of women, and that is something worth celebrating. I have high hopes this issue finds you not only well, but thriving, and I look forward to growing during this season with you. 


Trista Pruitt

Editorial Coordinator