In 2016 the New York Times described Asheville as the town that “has been doing farm-to-table since before it was a marketing point.” Indeed, Asheville is (and has been) ahead of the culinary curve in more ways than one for a long time. From vegan barbecue (thanks, Luella’s) and gluten-free snacks to CBD infused ice cream (you can find that at The Hop), our town does not fall short when it comes to diversity of flavor profiles, ingredients and innovative recipes. Best of all, our local restaurants and chefs use the power of good food to unite people, allowing the interconnectedness of mankind to rekindle its flame rather than burn out in a society that often allows our preconceived differences to define and separate us. 

As someone who is always seeking out Asheville’s newest and best flavors, this issue has been a pure joy to complete. I, much like the rest of mankind, love food. And when I was presented with the task of creating a foodie issue for you all, I was filled with delight. I have been looking forward to presenting you with this very issue for many months and it is my hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. 

As always, thank you to each and every person for reading our magazine. I strive to shine a light on people and experiences that make this town amazing and to inspire you each month. Your feedback is always welcome, wanted and needed as our publication aims to represent our local community in the best possible way. 

From my kitchen to yours, 


Emily Shea, Editor