AUX BAR finds a home in downtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville is host to a variety of worldly cuisines, and more often than not, you’re going to find something that will appease any and all varieties of appetites. The sheer number of restaurants can be daunting, if not intimidating, but among the the multitude of dining choices in town, those looking to grab a bite in the downtown area will certainly find more than enough to satiate their craving for fine dining, street food or a sweet snack. In the warmth of the orangey autumn sun, the appetite for outdoor seating is as desirable as the food itself, as tourists and locals alike take to the streets to soak up the town’s final moments of fall before the temperatures drop and the morning dew turns to frost. One of downtown’s newest spots that offers unique views, satisfies that craving to people watch and provides a very distinct taste of Asheville is AUX BAR, or the Auxiliary Bar and Kitchen. 

The Auxiliary Bar and Kitchen is just that; an American-style kitchen that serves a variety of dishes ranging from sandwiches to soups, with a number side items to boot. They also have many exceptional small plates and a full service bar–two bars, actually. The patio area is quaint, but can maintain an equal crowd to that of the indoor dining room. Situated at 68 Lexington Avenue, one can always expect to find a significant amount of patrons enjoying their expertly crafted entrees and cocktails. 

But what truly makes AUX BAR such a unique addition to downtown Asheville is its dedication to the craft it aims to represent amongst the numerous peers within arm’s reach. The restaurant itself is situated in what is essentially one of the main strips of downtown Asheville, and is walking distance to a few of the hotels and other interesting boutiques in the area. The dining area is adorned with unique decor and architecture, complete with high ceilings that provide a spacious and comfortable scene. In terms of hours, the food is served from eleven in the morning until well into the evening, providing a much needed option for the night owls that are craving that late night snack.

The lunch menu consists of sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads. Such selections include the Hot Fish Sando–a delightful marriage of fish, delicious house-made sauce and a pickle for good measure–and the sweet and savory shaved country ham and apple panini–a simple yet timelessly refreshing combination. The menu during evening hours for dinner ups the culinary game with some increasingly sophisticated offerings. Patrons can start the meal with a few small plates like the bone marrow and tartar or the lamb and dumplings to wet their appetite. And whether the mood calls for surf or turf, there is a veritable banquet to be found on the list of entrees. 

The building AUX BAR calls home has been host to a plethora of establishments over the years, but this one in particular proudly shares ownership from the Blind Pig Supper Club: A daring and successful group of restaurateurs and chefs with the common goal of bringing great food to the people of Asheville, while giving something back in the interim in the form of donations to various charities throughout the area (more on page **).

AUX BAR is also host to events on occasion. The Guest Chef Series allows local chefs to make an appearance to flex their culinary muscle, and a delicious brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, offering an eclectic menu that mixes up the usual selection of entrees. If you’re in the mood to experience some of downtown’s nightlife and start your weekend celebration a bit early, AUX BAR hosts a DJ each Thursday. 

All-in-all, AUX BAR is a great place to catch a breath of fresh air whilst galavanting around the downtown area. From lunch to dinner, this Asheville-grown establishment offers superb drinks and meals in a casual, yet elegant and sightly location.