Publisher's Letter 13

Sometimes I have to take a step back from all the hectic things in my world and appreciate not only how amazing my life truly is, but also how great it is to choose to surround myself with incredible people every day. You may have noticed from the cover that this is our Second Annual Men’s Issue, and as such we have the opportunity to tell the stories of some amazing people who just so happen to posses a Y chromosome. It tells you something about Asheville that all of these guys are thriving here, but in incredibly different ways. Speaking with and interacting with all of them, I started to understand the power of positivity, faith and hard work. It’s an honor to tell their stories and to have this platform with which to do it.


Thank you so much for reading our magazine and giving us feedback every month. We strive to shine a light on people and experiences that make this town amazing and to entertain and inspire you each month.


Our Best to You and Yours,

Austin Bennett, Publisher

Alana Bennett, Publisher