We’ve themed this issue around sustainability. Call it “eco” or “green” if you like, but Asheville has a history of sustainability, both environmentally and socially, stretching back in history to a time far before those buzzwords were in the lexicon. Visionaries like Carl Schenck have long cultivated (see what we did there) an ethos of preservation and proper management of the beauty and resources we are surrounded by daily. Some of Asheville’s earliest notoriety came as a place to get “pure healing air” and a reprieve from the hectic lifestyle of larger cities. Similarly, today we’re known as an enclave of wellness, creativity and progressive thinking on matters of environmental and social sustainability. Being ahead of the curve on the “eco” lifestyle will continue to make Asheville a national gem and draw more people here, a trend which we’re excited to participate in.

Our Best to You and Yours,