Great (Room) Expectations 6

Our mountains are ancient, rolling testaments to the timeless beauty of nature. Their majesty lies in the curves that tell a story centuries old. A thoroughly modern home might seem at odds in such a place, the sharp, crisp edges of mankind a jarring antithesis to the mountains around it. But in the case of the Gold’s home in Southcliff, it’s in that juxtaposition that beauty is found; the home is simultaneously at odds and in harmony with the nature which surrounds it.

“The house is a mountain modern style, and so many times you think of modern as stark, but this home is far from that,” says Annie Littell of IDology, who took the reins on this breathtaking escape. “With large, comfortable spaces and the infusion of art, nature and of course family, it really becomes a home.”

Littell points out that the home’s objectives—like those of the Golds themselves—is to provide a social ground for familial hangs and, simultaneously, a gallery for the stunning nature that’s just outside. It’s those intentions that make this great room so, well, great. The sprawling space fits snugly into the home’s modern aesthetic, but with wide windows that break open the outdoors, that ancient beauty has a spot inside, too.

“The mix of metal finishes and warm wood tones really helps keep the space cozy and not obtrusive,” says Littell of the room, touching on that mix of old and new that makes the house work in the heart of our mountains. “The large doors which open up the back of the house completely to the patio really bring the outdoors in.”

The room isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s practical too. “The great room and the the back porch are one great open space that allows for all inclusive entertaining,” Littell says. “Bonnie and David love their family and have worked hard to make the space comfortable and feel like home.” There’s space for everyone during their family gatherings; kids can crash on the couch while adults work together in the kitchen or grab a glass of wine on the porch, all within earshot and eyesight of one another.

And that’s most important of all, that sense of comfortable gathering. Our mountains may be ancient and beautiful, but they’re certainly rivaled by the ancient, beautiful bond of family and friendship. In this home they both take center stage in sweet harmony.