Zip. Zero. Zilch. 9

We’re living in the future. Need proof? Just look at Zero motorcycles.

Born out of a dusty Santa Cruz, California, garage just over a decade ago, Zero motorcycles quickly drove itself to the top of the pack in the electric transportation movement. The company sells more electric motorcycles than all of its competitors—combined.

So, why electric? The advantages are boundless. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, environmental impact. Zero motorcycles produce zero tailpipe emissions and zero noise pollution, and with zero traditional consumables used in the operation of a traditional gas bike—like fuel, oil or coolant—the impact is, essentially, zero (sensing a pattern here?).

The advantages of an electric bike aren’t all so grandiose; they’re tangible on a personal level for every rider. Longtime gearheads might worry they’ll lose the torque and speed they love in their old bike, but that’s not the case. These lighter electric models offer the same speed of their gassy counterparts but without the noise, heat and vibrations. Without all those distractions, you can actually enjoy the ride.

Plus, maintenance is a breeze and another impetus for the name Zero: with zero oil or fluids to change and zero service items like valves and spark plugs, these bikes are basically zero maintenance required. Electricity costs add up to just a penny per mile and charging times are shockingly short (anywhere from a few hours to overnight) and easy (the batteries can charge from a regular outlet in your home).

Yes, we certainly are living in the future—zero questions asked.

Want one of your own? Visit Touring Sport in Greenville to shop their full Zero inventory. 1431 LAURENS ROAD, GREENVILLE, SC 29607 | (864) 232-2269 |