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Wall-Mounted Orchids & Air Plants with Flora

Flora is the kind of shop that attracts the eye of every passerby. Wide windows harbor dozens of viney, leafy plants. Inside, moss and leaves trace the lines of tables, fixtures, even a typewriter. Orchids bask in sunshine, vines crawl across walls and into nooks, and aged botany pages line the walls. It’s a romantic’s paradise.

It’s a destination, but Flora is, at its core, a florist. The sweet ladies who run the shop, including owner Melissa Thomas, know a thing or two about the green things we invite into our home.

The team regularly creates terrariums and wall hangings to sell in the shop, and they created two specially for Asheville Lifestyle.

Wall-Mounted Orchids

Materials (Orchid)


Screws (approximately eight)

Fishing line


Orchid soil



Sheet moss

Something circular to trace

How-To (Orchid)

Step 1: Trace circle onto wood mount with prop (we suggest a vase, bowl or lid). Screw your eight screws into the “corners” of the traced circle—the more the better! Use a drill for ease, but a screwdriver works too.

Step 2: Roll out your fishing line and secure the loose end to a screw with two knots.

Step 3: Place your orchid soil within the circle (some of this will fall out later—that’s ok!).

Step 4: Remove your orchid and shake the soil off its roots.

Step 5: Place the orchid on the fresh soil and bark and arrange to your liking.

Step 6: Lay moss over the roots and bark.

Step 7: Begin to wrap the fishing line over the moss and around the screws, securing the bark, plant and moss to the wooden mount. Repeat until fixture feels secure.

Step 8: Tie off your line with a double knot and trim the excess line.

Orchid Care

Light: Indirect sunlight, no direct sun.

Temperature: Always k eep above 55 degrees. Do not leave outside during cold months.

Water: Water once per week, allow to dry between watering. During warmer months, plants may need to be watered more often.

Prop mount in sink and allow faucet to drip slowly on soil for approximately 20 minutes.

Air Plant

Materials (Air Plant)



Upholstery tacks



Air plant


Step 1: Arrange leather strap (or straps) on the wood mount. Play with your location and angle until you find a look you love.

Step 2: Push one upholstery tack into the corner of the leather and hammer into place.

Step 3: Arrange the air plant under the leather strap and secure the loose end with another upholstery tack. Trim the excess leather and hammer into place.

This is a project that begs for your personal spin! Use different types, shapes and sizes of leather, double-up the strips or keep it minimal. The placement of the air plant depends on the size and shape of the plant, as well as your personal style.

Air Plant Care

Light: Air plants need as much indirect sunlight as possible. Direct sunlight is preferred during cold winter months.

Watering Methods: 

Once per week: Soak entire plant in room temperature water for 1-2 hours.

Two to four times per week: Run under stream of water to wet leaves thoroughly.

Daily: Mist on all surfaces once or twice per day.