March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

“The Paris of the South.”

A town doesn’t come by this name by accident. It’s been odd for me, having been of small-town, midwestern upbringing (10 years in Asheville and I’m never going back!), to meet people when I travel and have them get excited when I say where I’m from. There are times when it becomes almost passé to talk to people about Asheville, until you actually go downtown and pay attention to what’s going on around you. The sights, sounds, smells and looks of not only the place itself, but the people in it, give off an unmistakable energy.

The culture of Asheville is one of expression, be it through art, food, music, beer or attire. In this issue, we wanted to salute the people and the places alike that give off that unmistakable Asheville energy. We’ve made it a priority here at Asheville Lifestyle to really showcase what this town is all about, and we hope after reading this issue, you’ll be inspired to take a look around and marvel for a minute at the incredible beauty and creativity that surrounds us each day.

Our Best to You and Yours

Austin Bennett

Alana Bennett