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Planet Ballroom Provides a New Way to Stay Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul

Aside from its omnipresent beer and music scenes, Asheville is also well-known for the active lifestyle options the city provides locals and tourists alike. From the many water-based activities the French Broad River has to offer to the dozens of gyms found throughout the city, there is a healthy, active outlet for everyone. However, if hiking the national forests or CrossFit classes aren’t your thing, a new dance studio in South Asheville has an exciting, unique way to add a dose of excitement and exercise to your life.

Planet Ballroom opened its doors at 1550 Hendersonville Road nine months ago, and according to instructor and co-owner Bradley Davenport, response has already been great. Davenport is a North Carolina native who has been teaching dance at other Planet Ballrooms for eight years. Prior to joining Planet Ballroom, Davenport toured with several dance productions, but teaching at the studio provides a chance to help others realize their potential. Davenport and Planet Ballroom chose Asheville because the city is growing quickly and is known as a place where people seek out unique experiences.

Planet Ballroom offers personal dance lessons, class lessons and even fitness classes. The dance studio seeks not to just be another fitness center, but to also offer an uplifting social experience with a family atmosphere. Planet Ballroom offers classes and lessons for individuals, couples, weddings or for anyone looking for a unique and fun experience. Planet Ballroom also offers what they call “PB Parties,” one-shot off-site demonstrations that provide organizations, businesses or churches a chance to try out their services.

The studio offers lessons in several different styles of Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing, each providing a host of health benefits, including muscle toning, increased core strength and flexibility and overall cardiovascular health. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, however, dance lessons are a great way to earn a sense of accomplishment from learning something new. “We provide a life-changing dancing experience,” Davenport says. “Not only do we want it to be an active hobby, but something that can change people’s lives and make them the best version of themselves through dance.”

Planet Ballroom’s motto is “Inspiration, Energy, and Glamour,” and the three words can be found throughout their promotional materials and on the
walls of their studios. These three words encompass Planet Ballroom’s mission: to offer any individual the chance to find out what they’re truly capable of. “There aren’t as many milestones later in life compared to when you’re still in school,” Davenport notes. “Planet Ballroom gives people something on an ongoing basis that has milestones, checkpoints and gives people a sense of accomplishment to nourish themselves.”

When asked how the studio approaches newcomers, Davenport promises that their instructors welcome dancers of any experience level or age. “No matter what level you’re at or what your dancing capabilities are, everyone has to start somewhere,” he says. “We are good at starting from the ground up.” After a couple of weeks, people are usually impressed with their progress. “Everyone can dance, it’s just a matter of how long it takes them. If you can walk, you already have some basic dance steps.”

With winter laying her cold shroud on the land, many outdoor activities are inaccessible for Ashevillians. If you’re looking for a unique way to stay fit and learn an exhilarating new skill at the same time, ballroom dancing might be just what you’re looking for.