November 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Call it “Farm to Table” or “Plow to Plate,” locally grown and organic food has become part of the ethos of Asheville. Being quite good at eating, Asheville is the place to be for us. Food is so many things, from healthy to deep fried and delicious. The people who bring us this food are as diverse as the things being grown and raised in these mountains. Being surrounded by people who are not only passionate but also talented at growing and preparing locally grown food is a real gift.

Food, as always, plays such an important role in our lives; with this being the season of breaking bread with friends and family, we here in Asheville just so happen to have some of the best quality food in the country grown in our backyard. Having had the chance to dine with some of these growers, chefs and makers has been an amazing experience. They are not only successful producers, but also have such a heart for quality and entertaining and making sure to provide amazing experiences. In a season for giving thanks, I’m thankful to live and eat here every day.

To You and Yours,

Austin Bennett

Alana Bennett