Home Sweet Home 15

The Perfect Home for a Retirement in the Mountains

When Robert and Karen Anoff and pup Choppers decided to leave their snowy roost in Chicago and head south for the winter (and every other season, too), they knew their destination: Asheville. Our comparatively balmy seasons, picturesque bursts of fall color and relaxed lifestyle check all their “dream retirement home” boxes. They picked out a parcel of land on one of our steep hillsides with spectacular views overlooking those winsome Blue Ridges and began building their dream home.

Not to say that they built the home itself—that feat took the efforts of Asheville’s greatest architects, designers and experts. The results are magnificent, the views inside the home rivaling those outside its sprawling windows.

“The Anoffs asked for a contemporary interior with a monochromatic color palette,” says Talli Roberts of Allard & Roberts, the designers behind the Anoff’s striking interior and exterior, who worked side-by-side with Osada Construction to completely personalize every aspect of the home. “This would allow the spectacular views through the vast windows in the house to serve as a constantly changing natural work of art. The views and the people provide the color!” Despite their intentions, the interior is as beautifully eye-catching as those mountain views. Earthy grays, crisp whites and the riveting shine of burnished metallics draw the eye inward and wrap you in the cozy embrace of home.

The palette may be simple, but the details are far from it. ”We worked to introduce a variety of textures to the interior, from the glass herringbone backsplash, to the Moroccan area rugs and geometric patterned fabrics,” says Sharon Allard. Every room, every piece of furniture, holds a homey surprise: delicate llamas on the woolen rugs; custom herringbone tiles in shades of crystalline blues; softly glowing bulbs that illuminate favorite china, books, knick-knacks.

Take a tour of the Anoff’s dream house with us. It’s part Asheville, part Anoff and part pure home.