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Asheville Wedding industry Reveals Something 
Deeper About Our City

The first time I took the trip to Asheville from my home state of New York, I knew I’d landed somewhere special. I was only in town for a few days, but it left such a deep impression on me that I promised myself I’d come back as soon as I could. With every return trip I took, it became a little bit harder to leave. When the opportunity to move here finally presented itself last summer, I jumped at the chance.

Although I had only a handful of friends in North Carolina, I suspected I’d soon find my crowd. Luckily I was right — the friendliness of this community makes it easy to feel welcome. As I’ve settled in here, I’ve noticed that Asheville residents all seem to have one thing in common: they absolutely adore the city they call home, and want others to feel the same way. This spills over even into its business sectors. Asheville’s many booming industries place a high value on collaboration and neighborly support. People here really understand that working together is not only good for business, but that it makes the city a more liveable place for everybody.

That sense of cooperation and encouragement has been echoed throughout my experience putting together our very first issue. Getting to know the creative minds behind some of the city’s best-loved wedding service providers has offered me a unique window into the way community works here. The industry professionals with whom I spoke were not only delighted to share highlights of their career, but happily pointed out what it was that made their associates stand out, as well. On an even more touching note, everybody discussed the sense of joy they received from helping couples create the day of their dreams.

Anybody who’s planned a wedding knows how complicated it can be. It takes a truly warm and thoughtful person to make a career out of helping couples create a wedding that’s just right for them. And this seems all the more true for wedding professionals in Asheville. The sheer love they have for making others happy is one of the many reasons that our city is a world-class wedding destination.

Of course, the pleasure that Asheville professionals take in helping others feel great is certainly not limited to the wedding industry. It’s a fact that’s clear from the moment you arrive in this city, and nobody knows this better than I do. Whether you’re here for a short celebration or have lived in the city for years, Asheville’s joy-filled community makes it always feel like you always belong. It’s my hope that this sense of togetherness fills our magazine and finds its way into our readers’ lives every day.